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When traveling abroad, are you "oversea" or "overseas"?

However, Merriam Webster also lists oversea, mainly British usage, as having the same meaning as overseas. Acoording to them oversea was used first, in the 12th century, compared to overseas, in 1533. Nowadays, without offence to the Brits, you hardly hear oversea used. The nearest synonym to overseas is abroad. I will be abroad next week.

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overseaoverseas:-soversea(adjective),"""",,-soverseas(adverb),"",、verb to be.oversea...

Oversea - definition of oversea by The Free Dictionary

Define oversea. oversea synonyms, oversea pronunciation, oversea translation, English dictionary definition of oversea. adv. & adj. Overseas. American Heritage® Dictionary of the …

OVERSEAS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

overseas definition: 1. in, from, or to other countries: 2. in, from, or to other countries: 3. in, from, or to…. Learn more.

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Overseas Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Overseas definition, over, across, or beyond the sea; abroad: to be sent overseas. See more.

Oversea vs. Overseas - What's the difference? | Ask Difference

Oversea adverb. alternative form of overseas. Overseas adjective. (used with ethnicities, nationalities, or religious affiliations) Living (being resident) in a foreign country. 'Overseas Chinese communities exist in North and South America.'; Oversea adjective. Beyond the sea; foreign. Overseas adjective. Across a sea; to or in an area ...


overseaoverseas:-soversea(adjective),"""",,-soverseas(adverb),"",、verb to be。. Ex.: How are the oversea markets performing? ( ...


overseas、:1. in, from, or to other countries: 2. in, from, or to other countries: 3. in, from, or to…。。

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oversea [ 'əuvə'si: ] adj. being or passing over or across the sea. "some overseas trade in grain arose". : overseas. adv. beyond or across the sea. "He lived overseas for many years". : overseas. : WordNet.

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overseas or oversea - Using English

There is no word spelled "oversea" but there is one spelled "oversee". Overseas means across the ocean. I traveled overseas to see the place of my parent's birth. Oversee means t o supervise (usually in a slightly negative way) The guards oversee the prisoners as they worked cleaning the highway of trash. 16-Oct-2007, 12:37 #3.

Oversea | Definition of Oversea by Merriam-Webster

Oversea definition is - overseas. Recent Examples on the Web It would be loaded onto tankers for oversea delivery to customers in Asia. — Alex Demarban, Anchorage Daily News, 8 July 2021 Meanwhile, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge opened in China in 2011 as the longest oversea bridge, spanning 26 miles. — Tim Newcomb, Popular Mechanics, 9 June 2020 That seems unlikely, but look …

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the boat is sailing overseas. the main thing I would say is overseas is used when you/someone/something is travelling, whereas oversea is used for everything else. . 0 . inevitablylaughing. 201648. () There is also a difference in usage of 'oversea' and 'overseas' in different countries: From http ...

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new. """",、、、。

Overseas - definition of overseas by The Free Dictionary

There had been a remand, then assurances on the part of a harassed father, and the young man had gone out to bear the White Man's Burden overseas.The imagination of another, a lad who had never before been in a town at all, fell to the glamour of music-halls and bar parlours; he spent his time among racing-men, tipsters, and trainers, and now was become a book-maker's clerk.

Oversea definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Oversea definition: beyond the sea ; abroad | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

oversea - Wiktionary

oversea ( not comparable ) (chiefly Britain) Alternative form of overseas quotations . 1899 Feb, Joseph Conrad, "The Heart of Darkness", in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, page 199: It was the biggest thing in the town, and everybody I met was full of it. They were going to run an over-sea empire, and make no end of coin by trade.

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The Overseas collection, reinvented in 2016, conveys the spirit of travel. This openness to the world, inherited from François Constantin, has remained at the core of the Maison's philosophy ever since its founding. Designed in a spirit of casual elegance and comfort enhanced by their interchangeable strap/bracelet system, Overseas timepieces are the perfect daily companions.

Oversea vs Overseas - What's the difference? | WikiDiff

Oversea is an alternative form of overseas. As adjectives the difference between oversea and overseas is that oversea is (chiefly|british) (overseas) while overseas is abroad. As adverbs the difference between oversea and overseas is that oversea is (chiefly|british) (overseas) while overseas is abroad.